Where to Find the Highest-Paying Jobs & Investments in Canada: The Megaprojects Worth $520 Billion

Where to Find the Highest-Paying Jobs & Investments in Canada: The Megaprojects Worth $520 Billion

Written by Dawn Gough, MTech.

How many natural resource construction projects are there in Canada? Where exactly are the highest-paying jobs and investment opportunities?

The highest-paying jobs and investments in Canada are in the Natural Resources industry. Around 43% of the world’s publicly listed mining and exploration companies are on Canada's TSX and TSXV.  We rank as the fifth-largest energy producer in the world, the largest producer of potash, the second-largest of uranium, and the third-largest of diamonds.

There are 470 major projects under construction or planned over the next ten years, with a combined potential capital value of $520 billion. Five hundred and twenty billion dollars worth of projects.

I don't know about you, but I want in on that!

Here you will find the names and locations of all of those megaprojects with the highest-paying jobs and investment opportunities in Canada.

Let's get to it.

The Most Notable Megaprojects:

1.    Grassy Point LNG in NL ($7.2B)

2.    Meaford Storage Project in ON ($4.3B)

3.    Northern Ammonia and Methanol Facility in AB ($2.5B)

Projects with the Largest Uptick in Potential Investment:

1.    Transmountain Pipeline Expansion (from $12.6B to $21.4B)

2.    Peace River Site C Hydro Project (from $10.7B to $16B)

3.    Bay du Nord Offshore Project (from $6.8B to $12B)

The Largest Mining Projects:

1.    Jansen Potash project in SK ($7.5B)

2.    Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell “KSM” project in BC ($7.2B)

The Largest Clean Energy Projects:

1.    Peace River Site C Hydro project in BC ($16B)

2.    Two nuclear refurbishment projects in ON ($25.8B)

3.    Dow Net-Zero Polyethylene Derivatives Facility in AB ($10B)

4.    Keeyask Hydro Project in MB ($8.7B)

The Largest Natural Resource Megaprojects by Province


1.    Bay du Nord Offshore Project ($12B)

2.    Grassy Point LNG ($7.2B)

3.    Kamistiatusset Mine ($1.3B)

There is one clean technology project included in the NL inventory valued at $19.7M. This is a new advanced pellet plant announced by Active Energy Group.

No alt text provided for this image
Location of offshore gas fields and proposed 600 km pipeline connecting to Grassy Point, Placentia Bay, NL.


1.    Mactaquac Dam upgrades ($3.3B)

2.    Sisson Project ($0.6B)

3.    Smart Grids Investments Phase Project ($0.2B)


1.    Goldboro Gold Mine ($0.3B)

2.    Pirate Harbour Wind Farm ($0.2B)

3.    Cochrane Hill Mine ($0.1B)


1.    Summerside Solar Farm ($69M)

2.    PEI Energy Corporation Wind Farm #5 ($60M)

3.    Western PEI Transmission Upgrade ($44M)

4.    Borden Battery Park ($35M)

5.    Slemon Park Micro-Grid Project ($25M)

No alt text provided for this image
Wind Energy Developments in PEI.


1.    Mary River Iron Ore Project ($1.3B)

2.    Back River Gold Project ($0.6B)

3.    Hope Bay Gold Project ($0.7B)


1.    Casino Mine ($3.3B)

2.    Kudz Ze Kayah Mine ($0.5B)

3.    Coffee Gold Mine ($0.3B)

There are two clean technology projects included in the YT inventory valued at $55M. This includes a Grid-Scale Battery Storage Project ($35M) and the Haeckel Hill Wind Farm ($20M).


1.    Taltson Hydroelectric Expansion Project ($1.2B)

2.    NICO Cobalt-Gold-Bismuth Mine ($0.6B)

3.    Pine Point Mine ($0.6B)

There are three clean technology projects included in the NT inventory valued at $1.2B. This includes the aforementioned Taltson Project, the Inuvik Wind Generation Project ($40M), and the AWP Industrial Park ($20M).


1.    LNG Canada Phase 1 ($36B)

2.    Kitimat Clean Oil Refinery ($22B)

3.    ESE Synthetic Crude Pipeline ($18B)

4.    Peace River Site C Project ($16B)

No alt text provided for this image
Site C Highway 29.


1.    Athabasca Oil Sands Project at Jackpine ($12B)

2.    Dow Net-Zero Polyethylene Facility ($10B)

3.    SAGD May River Project ($10B)


1.    Jansen Potash Project ($7.5B)

2.    Esterhazy K3 Project ($1.7B)

3.    Star-Orion Diamond Project ($1.4B)

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Star-Orion Rough Diamonds.


1.    Keeyask Hydro Project ($8.7B)

2.    Lynn Lake Mine ($0.4B)

3.    Portage Area Capacity Enhancements ($0.2B)


1.    Bruce Nuclear Refurbishment ($13B)

2.    Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment ($12.8B)

3.    Meaford Pumped Storage Project ($4.3B)


1.    Romaine Hydroelectric Complex ($6.5B)

2.    Champlain Hudson Power Express Transmission Line ($2.2B)

3.    Strange Lake Mine ($1.6B)

No alt text provided for this image
Torngat is planning to use hybrid airships for transport to its proposed Strange Lake rare earth mine in Quebec. 

Information is current as of the date of publication.

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