13 Solutions

We provide knowledgeable solutions to the growing natural resources industry in Canada.

Our team is dedicated to achieving zero harm and zero waste.

EnTec has 13 health, safety, and environmental solutions to meet industry demands. 

These 13 solutions ensure your project is compliant with Canadian legislation and best practices.

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Solution #1: Environmental Management.

ISO 14001, Environmental Awareness, Wildlife Management, Oil & Fuel Spill Procedures, Regulatory Compliance, Environmental Management Plans, and Environmental Policy & Procedures.

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Solution #2: Waste Management.

Industrial Waste Management Plans, Waste-to-Value Research, Recycling Initiatives, Composting Programs, Community Gardens, E-Waste Strategies, and Hazardous Waste Management.

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Solution #3: Spill Management.

Government Reporting, Spill Clean-up Procedures, Regulatory Compliance, Training and Seminars, Soil & Surface Water Testing & Analysis, Emergency Response Plans.

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Solution #4: Sustainability. 

Sustainability is a market differentiator.  We create the sustainable development policies to ensure your business longevity.

Social, Economic, & Environmental Policies.

Green Procurement Policies.

Environmental Management Plans.

Corporate Social Responsibility Plans.

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Solution #5: Greenhouse Gas Management. 

To operate in Canada, companies must report their greenhouse gas emissions to government. We can help!

Greenhouse Gas Management Plans.

No Idling Policies.

Transportation Policies.

Energy Efficiency Strategies.

Government Reporting.


Solution #6: Water Quality. 

Drinking Water Sampling & Analysis, Surface Water Sampling & Analysis, Wastewater Treatment Plans, Government Reporting, Environmental Protection Plans.

Solution #7: Chemical Management. 

Chemical Inventories, Risk Assessment, SDS Databases, Chemical Substitution Reviews, Chemical Spill Procedures, WHMIS & TDG Compliance, Hazardous Waste Management.

Solution #8: ISO Standards. 

ISO 14001, 9001, & 45001 standards. We assist companies during every stage of ISO certification.

Solution #9: Hazardous Waste Management.

Labelling Requirements, Guidance Documents, Cleanup Procedures, Risk Management; Transportation, Storage, Handling, & Disposal Requirements Under TDG & WHMIS Regulations.

Solution #10: Seminars & Training. 

We provide seminars on the ISO standards, environmental awareness, and environmental legislation. We also create and deliver general orientations.

Solution #11: Construction-Industrial Services.

Waste Management Plans, Regulatory Compliance, Hazardous Waste Management, General Orientation, Environmental Consulting.

Solution #12: Safety Management. 

HSE Manuals, General Orientation, Standard Operating Procedures, Risk Assessment, Toolbox Talks, ISO 45001,
SDS, WHMIS, TDG, and Hazardous Waste Management.

Solution #13: Natural Resource Management. 

Environmental Protection Plans, Environmental Monitoring, HSE Plans, Water & Soil Testing, Wastewater & Tailings Management Plans.

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