The 9 Key Environmental Laws in Canada

There are 9 key environmental laws in Canada to ensure the protection and sustainable development of our vast natural resources. EnTec is committed to improving health outcomes by ensuring our natural environment is protected from the harmful effects of pollution. Canadian environmental legislation is a complex and extensive system of laws and regulations aimed at protecting the environment and human health. Some of the key pieces of legislation include:

  1. Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA): Establishes the legal framework for environmental protection in Canada, including the management of toxic substances, air and water quality, and waste management.
  2. Fisheries Act: Regulates the management of fish and fish habitat in Canada, including the protection of fish and their habitats from harmful alterations, disruptions, or destruction.
  3. Species at Risk Act (SARA): Protects species that are at risk of becoming extinct, as well as their habitats.
  4. Migratory Birds Convention Act: Provides protection for migratory birds and their habitats in Canada.
  5. Parks Canada Agency Act: Creates the Parks Canada Agency, which is responsible for the protection and presentation of Canada's national parks and historic sites.
  6. Canadian Water Act: Regulates the management of water resources in Canada, including the control of water pollution and the protection of aquatic ecosystems.
  7. Climate Change and Air Quality Management Act: Implements measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality in Canada.
  8. National Energy Board Act: Regulates the construction and operation of pipelines and other energy infrastructure in Canada, as well as the import and export of energy products.
  9. Impact Assessment Act: Requires environmental assessments of certain projects to ensure that they do not cause significant environmental harm.

These laws and regulations form the cornerstone of Canada's environmental protection framework and are continuously evolving to keep pace with new environmental challenges.

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